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Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer School Experience

Summer school... not a very fun place to be. I did not change while I was here. I am still the same as I entered, as the way I went out. I learned nothing from what I already knew. Instead, it solidified in the way I thought about the world. I may not have learned anything, but it helped improve in the things I already knew. I will be a very 'green' person in the future. I would also wish to start places that will bring people together and teach them the meaning of 'equality.' Many families still believe in racism and their races are far superior than others. Other families still think of 'terrorists' among citizens of the U.S even though they still wear their ceremonial garbs and sashes, and hats (I don't know its name). I will use the things I learned from the Freedom Writers in my own future. In the end of the book, it said that Ms. Gruwell passed the baton of everything they did in their 4 years. They now pass their baton to us. And they wish for us to do what they did, and at least think about what we will do in our future. I will take the baton, and when the time comes, I will pass it on to another. No shout-outs here. Maybe just Mae, and "Jose" but meh, no shout-outs whatsover.

Reflecting on what I did this Summer Term... I think I did an adequate job of trying to work as hard as I could this summer class. I definitely worked harder than I did in my regular Lit class. I'm not really sure what grade I should get this class. I guess I might get a B+. I mean, my journal entries were just babbles and rants most of the time but I still got perfect scores on it. My blog entries usually came in late, maybe down-grading the points. I also set the bar-down for my personality by never volunteering to read (but believe me, I wanted to) and by keeping as quiet and low as I can in the class though I don't think that should be reflected in the grade. Just, putting the statement out there. So yeah, I believe this Summer I think I should get at least a B+. If it gets to an A, woot, great, should try to get that for Soph year. If I get a C. Well, crap, did I do worst than I thought? Anything lower than that, I must be really, really, REALLY, terrible at this.

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