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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So, this three day weekend, I didn't really even do too much. Except for 4th of July. But I didn't watch the fireworks that day. Instead, I went to go to Edna's Ichiban Library. It's a place located somewhere in Daly City. It's a medium sized karaoke/restuarant type of place. I went there this weekend to watch my sister compete in the karaoke's competition called Ichiban Idol. It is a Filipino singing competition. I don't really know much about it, but anyways, I went there with my Grandma, Mom, Sister (obviously), and her boyfriend. The part of the competition we went to was just the preliminary round. There were two other contenders, Catherine, and Ryan. All three of the contenders had different genres. Catherine was the type to reach high notes and suicidal songs. Ryan was the ballad type singer. And my sister was the acoustic singer and can sing songs by Heart.

Each contender had to sing 1 song, but can warm-up and show what they got before-hand. When Catherine sang her warm-up songs first, I did not like her voice. I'm not being mean, it is just my own opinion. I didn't like her because her voice was not nice sounding. She looks like she thinks she can sing, but her voice is scratchy, so while she can REACH the high notes, she cannot make the notes sound nice. Now Ryan, he has the ability to sing, but his stage presence is not very great. He can sing, but he isn't really the type you want to see put on the show. Now my sister, she sings with control. I'm saying this outside the box, not just saying it because I'm her brother. Sure she gets her mind blocks from time to time, but that only happened once. Other than that, from one of the people there, I heard her say my sister has voice control.

After the contenders sang, the judges had to vote of course. But to pass the time, people had to sing some karaoke. Our host, Jessie, sang some songs herself. Then some other guests from Texas, to Santa Clara, sang. They had cool voices too. When the tallying finished, it ended with all three contestants winning. I kind of expected this since all of them had such diverse genres. But in truth, I only expected Ryan and my sister to win mostly because they had such better voices than Catherine. But to let the other two win, and leave her behind, I guess that would make Catherine feel really, really, bad.

Now that was what happened in my 4th of July weekend. It was a nice night, but I only got home until like 1:47 and couldn't sleep until about 3:17. But it was a really good night and the host was a barrel of laughs.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer School Experience

Summer school... not a very fun place to be. I did not change while I was here. I am still the same as I entered, as the way I went out. I learned nothing from what I already knew. Instead, it solidified in the way I thought about the world. I may not have learned anything, but it helped improve in the things I already knew. I will be a very 'green' person in the future. I would also wish to start places that will bring people together and teach them the meaning of 'equality.' Many families still believe in racism and their races are far superior than others. Other families still think of 'terrorists' among citizens of the U.S even though they still wear their ceremonial garbs and sashes, and hats (I don't know its name). I will use the things I learned from the Freedom Writers in my own future. In the end of the book, it said that Ms. Gruwell passed the baton of everything they did in their 4 years. They now pass their baton to us. And they wish for us to do what they did, and at least think about what we will do in our future. I will take the baton, and when the time comes, I will pass it on to another. No shout-outs here. Maybe just Mae, and "Jose" but meh, no shout-outs whatsover.

Reflecting on what I did this Summer Term... I think I did an adequate job of trying to work as hard as I could this summer class. I definitely worked harder than I did in my regular Lit class. I'm not really sure what grade I should get this class. I guess I might get a B+. I mean, my journal entries were just babbles and rants most of the time but I still got perfect scores on it. My blog entries usually came in late, maybe down-grading the points. I also set the bar-down for my personality by never volunteering to read (but believe me, I wanted to) and by keeping as quiet and low as I can in the class though I don't think that should be reflected in the grade. Just, putting the statement out there. So yeah, I believe this Summer I think I should get at least a B+. If it gets to an A, woot, great, should try to get that for Soph year. If I get a C. Well, crap, did I do worst than I thought? Anything lower than that, I must be really, really, REALLY, terrible at this.

Freedom Writer's Diary #4

Acceptance: The acceptance of his sister's leaving is for him to believe and to admit.

Bias: His biased understanding of the defendant's plea helped him to be proven not guilty.

Diversity: The diverse separation of the students during lunch is highly seen due to the fact of one group keeps to their own.

Judgmental: His judgmental attitude leaded him to separate himself from truth and everyone around him.

Symbolize: To symbolize her royalty, she wore a great golden lion on all her jewelries for her position in the castle.

Affiliation: The woman's affiliation to her work was quite clear when she denied the man's continuous offer to her for a new job.

Cliche: I shall save you your embarrassment that the outcome of a Hollywood cliche won't help you in your current situation.

Analogy: His analogy of the left and right sides of the brain did not make huge sense to the small children.

Credo: The man's credo revolved around himeself and his own decisions.

Anonymous: The anonymous benefactor who donated money to the children's charity should have left his name and be praised.

Motto: His "motto" stated that he is the one being that controls himself and guide his life.

Inconspicous: That inconspicuous man must be up to something with that strange little bag.

Validate: The Speaker of The House did a complete validation for his informers well being.

Subjective: His subjective thoughts led him to believe he would be able to do anything he wanted to, as he pleased.

Tolerance: The act of tolerance is a hard concept for those who grew up with their own personal beliefs, and will not care for who they need to tolerate.

Exterior: The house's exterior is much smaller than the huge interior of the house.

Synonymous: Their synonymous objective is clearly shown by their excitement to finish the project.

Personify: Lewis Carroll personified the Cheshire Cat by giving it the ability to speak.

Collaborative: Her collaborative ability gave her a huge benefit in making friends.

Inclusive: Her inclusive attitude gives her the great ability to hear secrets and start many rumors and gossip.

Witness: The witnesses failed to see what the culprit's face looked like, but knew the plate number of his vehicle.

Interior: The interior of the human body is almost identical to every other human's interior structure.

Aspiration: The young boy's aspiration is the goal of becoming as great as his father was in the family business.

Distinct: The boy's distinct personality stands out when all the other kids are enjoying themselves, but he sits and stares at everyone else.