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Friday, July 1, 2011

Freedom Writer's Diary #4

Acceptance: The acceptance of his sister's leaving is for him to believe and to admit.

Bias: His biased understanding of the defendant's plea helped him to be proven not guilty.

Diversity: The diverse separation of the students during lunch is highly seen due to the fact of one group keeps to their own.

Judgmental: His judgmental attitude leaded him to separate himself from truth and everyone around him.

Symbolize: To symbolize her royalty, she wore a great golden lion on all her jewelries for her position in the castle.

Affiliation: The woman's affiliation to her work was quite clear when she denied the man's continuous offer to her for a new job.

Cliche: I shall save you your embarrassment that the outcome of a Hollywood cliche won't help you in your current situation.

Analogy: His analogy of the left and right sides of the brain did not make huge sense to the small children.

Credo: The man's credo revolved around himeself and his own decisions.

Anonymous: The anonymous benefactor who donated money to the children's charity should have left his name and be praised.

Motto: His "motto" stated that he is the one being that controls himself and guide his life.

Inconspicous: That inconspicuous man must be up to something with that strange little bag.

Validate: The Speaker of The House did a complete validation for his informers well being.

Subjective: His subjective thoughts led him to believe he would be able to do anything he wanted to, as he pleased.

Tolerance: The act of tolerance is a hard concept for those who grew up with their own personal beliefs, and will not care for who they need to tolerate.

Exterior: The house's exterior is much smaller than the huge interior of the house.

Synonymous: Their synonymous objective is clearly shown by their excitement to finish the project.

Personify: Lewis Carroll personified the Cheshire Cat by giving it the ability to speak.

Collaborative: Her collaborative ability gave her a huge benefit in making friends.

Inclusive: Her inclusive attitude gives her the great ability to hear secrets and start many rumors and gossip.

Witness: The witnesses failed to see what the culprit's face looked like, but knew the plate number of his vehicle.

Interior: The interior of the human body is almost identical to every other human's interior structure.

Aspiration: The young boy's aspiration is the goal of becoming as great as his father was in the family business.

Distinct: The boy's distinct personality stands out when all the other kids are enjoying themselves, but he sits and stares at everyone else.

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