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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chris "Alexander Super Tramp" McCandless

My first impressions of Chris were actually very bright and high. He looked to me as a special, unique, and a very intriguing individual. My impressions did not change as the movie progressed. He was as I thought he was, until he ate that poisonous seed thing. Poor guy misread the book's drawing due to his hunger already. Anyways, I think he is doing what he is doing to prove that we don't need all these buildings and cars, and roads, and all this money to live. He was able to survive in the wild without any of those things for a whole 100 days. That is why I believe he burned the money, and why he left his home, his car, and chose to live in the wild for awhile. All he needed was tools and his own will, to keep him alive (of course, until the point with the root, and well, yeah). He proved society that they don't need all those buildings, you just need some faith in yourself, tools, and happiness. Then maybe you might survive everything thrown at you.

Backpacking  Trip To The Sierra Nevada Mountain List:
1 Sleeping Bag 3lbs
2  Canisters of Water 4lbs
1 Set of Cooking Tools 5lbs
1 Book on Wild Plants 0.5lbs
1 Book on Wild Animals 0.5lbs
1 Topographic Map 0.1Lbs
1 Geographical Map 0.1Lbs
1 Map 0.1Lbs
2 Flashlights 4lbs
6 Sets of AA Batteries 2.5lbs
2 Sets of Emergency Foods 8.2lbs
1 Tent 2lbs
1 Knife 3lbs
5 Sets of Clothing 7lbs
1 Jacket 1lbs
1 Knife Sharpener 1.5lbs

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