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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So, this three day weekend, I didn't really even do too much. Except for 4th of July. But I didn't watch the fireworks that day. Instead, I went to go to Edna's Ichiban Library. It's a place located somewhere in Daly City. It's a medium sized karaoke/restuarant type of place. I went there this weekend to watch my sister compete in the karaoke's competition called Ichiban Idol. It is a Filipino singing competition. I don't really know much about it, but anyways, I went there with my Grandma, Mom, Sister (obviously), and her boyfriend. The part of the competition we went to was just the preliminary round. There were two other contenders, Catherine, and Ryan. All three of the contenders had different genres. Catherine was the type to reach high notes and suicidal songs. Ryan was the ballad type singer. And my sister was the acoustic singer and can sing songs by Heart.

Each contender had to sing 1 song, but can warm-up and show what they got before-hand. When Catherine sang her warm-up songs first, I did not like her voice. I'm not being mean, it is just my own opinion. I didn't like her because her voice was not nice sounding. She looks like she thinks she can sing, but her voice is scratchy, so while she can REACH the high notes, she cannot make the notes sound nice. Now Ryan, he has the ability to sing, but his stage presence is not very great. He can sing, but he isn't really the type you want to see put on the show. Now my sister, she sings with control. I'm saying this outside the box, not just saying it because I'm her brother. Sure she gets her mind blocks from time to time, but that only happened once. Other than that, from one of the people there, I heard her say my sister has voice control.

After the contenders sang, the judges had to vote of course. But to pass the time, people had to sing some karaoke. Our host, Jessie, sang some songs herself. Then some other guests from Texas, to Santa Clara, sang. They had cool voices too. When the tallying finished, it ended with all three contestants winning. I kind of expected this since all of them had such diverse genres. But in truth, I only expected Ryan and my sister to win mostly because they had such better voices than Catherine. But to let the other two win, and leave her behind, I guess that would make Catherine feel really, really, bad.

Now that was what happened in my 4th of July weekend. It was a nice night, but I only got home until like 1:47 and couldn't sleep until about 3:17. But it was a really good night and the host was a barrel of laughs.

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